You Only Know Half Podcast is a weekly conversation with Jamaicans from all walks of life who have migrated to America and is produced by Dahlia Walker-Huntington. Everybody has a story of setbacks and triumphs, and those who pack up and leave their homeland and journey to a foreign country have some of the most interesting tales to share about their experience.

Jamaicans sing songs about never leaving Jamaica – but estimates place at least 2 million Jamaicans (1st and 2nd generation) living outside the country. Truth is Jamaicans take Jamaica with them wherever they go. The Food, the music, the language – it helps to make the transition to a new home manageable. Jamaicans in the Diaspora are Jamaica’s greatest ambassadors, they remain connected to home and many work tirelessly to give back to the land of their birth.

Dahlia Walker-Huntington is an attorney, writer, speaker, community activist, political junkie, and celebrator of the human spirit. She moves between her adopted homeland and her Jamaicaness with ease after living in America for more than 40 years.  In her movements she has met Jamaicans from Negril to Morant Point and drawing on her own experiences of struggles and joy in America she is often struck by the stories of other Jamaicans as they pursue the American Dream. Some of the guests will be known to you and others are unsung heroes contributing to the fabric of America and impacting every aspect of this nation.

“People looking at you have no idea what you have been through in life” says Walker-Huntington. The idea for a Podcast has been brewing in her head for a few years until she settled on, “You Only Know Half” and jumped feet first into this venture. With journalism and law degrees, the co-host of several immigration radio shows, the first elected Jamaican Diaspora Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Southeast United States, and a fearless advocate for immigrants’ rights, Dahlia is perfectly suited to produce this Podcast.

Suh join us every week nuh as we have a conversation with a Jamaican “inna farrin” and introduce you to another member of the Jamaican Diaspora in America. One Love!

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