Wayne Golding Sr. Esq., was born in Kingston, Jamaica where he attended
primary school first in St. Mary and then in Kingston. After graduating from
Kingston College in 1981 he migrated to New York, USA. In the USA he earned a
Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Queens College, New York and a Jurist
Doctor of Law (JD) from Barry University School of Law, Florida. He publicly
credits the strong academic foundation he received during his formative years in
Jamaica for his achievements.

Beginning in 1982 while attending undergraduate college in New York, he
initiated several community projects with his fellow Caribbean student body which
was targeted to assist newly arriving young Diasporans to acclimate to life in New
York. The informal programs included but were not limited to providing
information on college entrance, matriculation, available scholarships, financial
aid, jobs and social activities. He became a leader in his college’s student
government which enabled him to help to secure new opportunities and benefits
for Caribbean Diasporan students within the City and State Universities of New
York system.

In 1988 after working in a successful Wall Street career he decided to
relocate to Orlando, Florida with his young family. Upon arrival in Florida, he
immediately immersed himself into the Caribbean community. He vested himself
as a businessman, community educator and leader dedicated to increasing the
positive profile and involvement of Caribbean people in their diaspora spaces. He
was a founding member of the Heads of Caribbean Organizations for Central
Florida which brought leaders of Caribbean organization to uniform platform and
coordination of their activities. He charge to the community was “ we must be
organized to be recognized”.

As an accomplished attorney practicing in the Florida State Courts and the
United States Federal Courts, he established The Golding Law Group, PLC. The
law firm is based in Orlando, Florida. The firm offers legal representation
encompassing Immigration, Criminal, Family, Entertainment, Government and
International Law. His firm has a majority Caribbean clientele, and has litigated
numerous high-profile cases. Some notable cases include U.S A vs. Kevin Brown
“The Jamaican bomber case” and U.S.A v. Ian Thomas which involved Mr. Mark
Myrie aka “Buju Banton”. However, he has been most passionate about his
representation of his client’s in every day immigration cases, working to prevent
their deportation from the United States as well as continued re-unification of their

Over the last 19 years he has been performing extensive pro- bono legal
work on a on call basis for the Jamaican Consulate – Miami, the Jamaica Embassy-
Washington D.C and Jamaica’s Ministry of Foreign affairs and Foreign Trade. He
has successfully assisted and advised several Jamaican Ambassadors, Caribbean
Consul Generals and various level of staff of members in the missions and

He has also provided pro-bono legal representation to hundreds of legally
distressed Caribbean nationals in the United States involving international child
custody issues, defending parental right for persons not able to navigate the U.S
Courts, provide legal advice and protection of overseas hospitality and farm
workers with regards to their living and working conditions, criminal matters,
deportation and involuntary returnees to the Caribbean. Most notable he has been
able to secure the successful return and reuniting of wrongfully deported Caribbean
nationals to their families in the United States and has advised several other
Caribbean officials on these types of matters.

Over the last 16 years he has co-hosted a weekly law segment on WOKB
1680 AM -Caribbean Affairs Connection Radio Show aptly named “LAW TALKREAL
TALK” all over the world providing current legal information which affects
them and their family. He additionally Co-hosts “ The Global Diaspora Show”
which is purposed to demonstrate to and encourage Diasporans to keep breaking
down the barrier they encounter.

Mr. Golding also serves as a legal analyst, a diaspora analyst and
contributor to several international media outlets providing analysis of current
legal, social issues and policies in the United States which directly affect the
Caribbean and its Diaspora. He has served as President of the Caribbean Bar
Association – Central Florida Chapter and as an immigrant he made history by
being appointed to serve as Chairman of the Orange County School Board Bi-
Racial Committee, a committee which was created by a United States Federal
Courts over 45 years ago to oversee the Orange County, Florida school board
policies as they related to the vestiges of segregation.

He has both lead and participated in numerous lobby efforts to Capitol Hill,
Washington D.C and the White House for the purpose of continually exposing the
positives of the Caribbean Diaspora while advocating for reforms on issues
affecting them and their diaspora communities across the United States.
Numerous national and international media coverage has been lauded his
voluntary services to the Caribbean community and his years of organizing town
hall meetings, outreach programs and decimation of information to educate this
diaspora community about both U.S citizenship and derivative diaspora
citizenship, voting rights in the United States, changes in U.S laws and
immigration policies and the critical importance of political engagement where
they reside and have now called home.

In 2015, after over 15 years of direct voluntary work with the past Jamaica
Diaspora Advisory Board members of the Southern USA and his personal
qualifications he was nominated and elected as the Jamaica Diaspora Advisory
Board Member for the Southern United States. As a validation of his
accomplishment during this tenure he was subsequently re-elected to the position
in June 2017 with 87 percent of the votes cast.

His tenure as a Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board Member which began in
August 2014 and end on December 31st, 2019 significantly improved the
effectiveness, profile and collaborative opportunities not only in the Jamaican
Diaspora and not only in the region he covers but right across the United States. As
a result, the Jamaica Diaspora in the Southern USA region became more highly
recognized as contributors to public policy making decisions and the long-term
growth of Jamaica. Voluntarily engaged at his own expense he has been able to
enhance the capacity of the Caribbean Diaspora community by strengthening
networking between its members and their contacts in the associated 13 states
which comprises the Southern USA region and Jamaica. A significant part of this
has been building relationships with both individuals and entities within the
diaspora space for the purpose of benefiting Diaspora communities.

Mr. Golding is also founding and contributing member of the Jamaica
Diaspora Crime Intervention and Prevention Task Force and the Jamaica Diaspora
Immigration and Deportation Task Force. He has participated as a representative of
the Jamaica Diaspora in a working group of the Economic Growth Council. As a
member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, International Diaspora
Engagement Alliance, the Conference of Heads of Caribbean Organizations and
other world recognized groups he has been engage in lobby efforts to Washington
DC to address policy matters in immigration and Criminal Justice. He has
leveraged his membership in these influential organizations to partner with other
members to enhance the interest of Diasporans.

Recognized by the Jamaica Diaspora community in the United States as one
of the effective Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board member since its inception, he
has been able to effectively and methodically galvanize our Jamaican Diasporans
across the United States. Along with his team they have created a wider platform
for Jamaican Diasporans to showcase their skills, talents and contacts for the
purpose of strengthening partnerships between its various sub-segments for the
growth of Jamaica and Jamaicans in the Diaspora. He has also been able to
leverage non-Jamaican Diasporan contacts within the Unites States to participate
and contribute to many projects in Jamaica including in the areas of alumni
contributions, law enforcement, social services, education and health.

As one of the convenors of two landmark Jamaica Diaspora Leadership
Conferences in the United States staged in June 2016 and November 2018. He was
successful in bringing together leaders and future leaders from across the Jamaican
Diaspora of the United States, the Government of Jamaica, major private sector
stake holders from both Jamaica and within the United States, The purpose of this
collaborative effort was to bolster leadership, craft and implement a uniform
development plan for the Jamaican Diaspora in the United States to influence
policies which impact Jamaican Diasporans where they live. He has also
participated and contributed in the staging of the last seven biennial Jamaica
Diaspora Conferences convened in Jamaica. As a member of the Jamaican
Diaspora Advisory Board he has materially participated in the drafting of the
Jamaica Diaspora Policy and the formation of The Global Jamaica Diaspora
Council set to debut in January 2020.

Highly respected and recognized for his confident, competent (A- political)
advise given to the Minister (s) the Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade with
responsibility for Diaspora affairs, this has transcended two successive Jamaican
governments. This advice is squarely focused on current and long-term critical
issues involving the Jamaican and Caribbean Diaspora in the United States as they
relate to Jamaica’s nation building. He has successfully operated as a critical
conduit of trusted information and inquiry between the Diaspora and the
Government of Jamaica aimed at strengthening their partnership.

Mr. Golding had been publicly recognized by the Jamaican and Caribbean
Diaspora community, his peers for his community service, social and legal work.
Over the years he has received numerous community and peer awards. These
include the 2012 Community Changemaker Diaspora Honour from the Consulate
of Jamaica –Miami, the 2019 recognition in the United States Congressional record
for his contribution to the Caribbean Diaspora, 2019 Jamaica Governor General’s
Achievement Award for Excellence, 2019 and the 2019 Jamaica’s Order of
Distinction – Rank of Commander (CD) for his work in the Jamaican Diaspora. In
2020 he became Jamaica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade appointee to the
newly constituted 28-member Global Jamaica Diaspora Council.

Married to his Jamaican born wife Lois A. Golding since 1988 and they are
the parents of two children Tassanee and Wayne Jr. He credit all his success in his
life and career to the strong influence of his mother and the support of his
community as village.