LEO JONES is the 3rd of six children in a family of five boys and one girl. He was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica and grew up in Kingston and lived in an unusually huge property where his family would board horses. He lost his mother at age five and for the next four years lived with his grandmother in Portland.  He returned to Kingston to live with his father and attended St. Andrew Technical High School.

After high school he enrolled in the Edna Manley School for the Arts in Kingston where he majored in Graphic Design. He worked for several years in Jamaica at the now defunct West Indies Pulp & Paper Products in Kingston as well as a few Advertising Agencies as a Graphic Designer before migrating to the United States.

His father got him started in the appreciation for music as his Dad would play music and have his friends over to their home. Leo was part owner to a Sound System and played at various nightclubs in Kingston as well as office and private parties. He married and had one child in Jamaica.

Leo migrated in the early 90’s to New York where he struggled to find work but continued his Graphic Design education at Pratt Manhattan Institute. He found his footing and worked at  various Advertising Agencies while living in New York and restarted his love for music and being a Disc Jockey.

He moved to South Florida in the early 2000s primarily because of his wife’s discomfort after the 9/11 attacks in Manhattan – she would disembark the train at the World Trade Center and walk through to her office next door. They settled in South Florida for a few years and Leo continued working in the Graphic Design industry and continued playing music at parties to keep Jamaicans in the Diaspora connected to home.

In 2006 Leo and his family of now two daughters and his wife relocated in 2006 to the black mecca – Georgia where he continues to work in the graphic design field and provide memories of Jamaica by playing music as a  DJ at parties in Georgia and Orlando and since the pandemic on Internet Radio and Zoom.