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2809, 2021

Sandra Fatmi-Hall is a community activist who uses her management skills to organize and advocate for her community

September 28, 2021|

Sandra Fatmi-Hall is known by the communities she serves, as a Community Activist, Advocate, Leader and Ambassador with a passion for young people. She is selfless about helping to bring solutions to all problems presented to her, and has made it her life's mission to leave the world better than she saw [...]

1609, 2021

Andrew Smalling from Jones Town, Kingston, JA has a distinguished career in the military and law enforcement

September 16, 2021|

Andrew Smalling was born in Jamaica and immigrated to the United States at the age of 8. He grew up with loving, working-class parents in the Bronx, NY where he attended public middle school and high school. After attending college at the Florida Institute of [...]

709, 2021

Adrienne “Addy” Chin-Ogilvie was raised in Vineyard Town in Kington, Jamaica is the undisputed maven of the Jamaican Alumni Associations in Florida

September 7, 2021|

Adrienne “Addy” Chin-Ogilvie was born in Portsmouth, England to her Chinese-Jamaican parents. They returned to Jamaica when Addy was an infant and lived in Vineyard Town in Kingston.  Addy attended Blake’s Prep. School, Alpha Academy and Alpha Commercial College and she went on to work [...]

3108, 2021

Lloyd G. Cohen, PhD hails from Orange River, St. Mary, a lifelong educator who made giving back the hallmark of his life

August 31, 2021|

Lloyd Cohen was born in a tiny country village, Orange River, close to Richmond in St. Mary. He, along with his sister Carmen were raised by their maternal grandparents. Their mother migrated to England as a member of the Windrush Generation. Despite the presence of [...]

2508, 2021

Kijana Nix from Kingston, Jamaica dedicates her life to caring for children as a Pediatrician

August 25, 2021|

Dr. Kijana Nix is from Kingston, Jamaica and is a General Pediatrician and Hospitalist who is Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. She is licensed to practice medicine in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Antigua and Barbuda (for medical mission), Trinidad and Tobago [...]

2008, 2021

Malachi Smith from Westmoreland and Central Village is a complex, compassionate man who was a career police officer in Jamaica and Florida.

August 20, 2021|

Malachi Smith is originally from Westmoreland, Jamaica and grew up in Central Village, Spanish Town, St. Catherine.  A determined man who charted a unique course for his life as a police officer, a poet, a playwright and a philanthropist.  Malachi is an accomplished Jamaican writer [...]

1208, 2021

Lorna Owens from Georges Valley, Manchester is the mother of reinvention – nurse, midwife, attorney, entrepreneur and philanthropist

August 12, 2021|

Lorna Owens is from Georges Valley in Manchester, Jamaica where she was the eldest of four children. She studied nursing at the University of the West Indies and worked as a nurse in Kingston before going to England to study Midwifery. After returning to Jamaica [...]

308, 2021

Hugh Sinclair /Chef Irie from St. Catherine, Jamaica spices up America with Jamaican Food

August 3, 2021|

Hugh Sinclair, a.k.a. Chef Irie, the Global Culinary Architect, is the CEO and Executive Chef of Chef Irie Spice, Inc. – Private Chef and Catering Services, providing food services to the tri-county area of South Florida. Chef Irie hails from St. Catherine, Jamaica, where he [...]

2707, 2021

Captain Janice G. Smith from Morris Hall, St. Catherine was the second black woman and first Jamaican-American woman to command a United States Naval Destroyer

July 27, 2021|

Captain Janice G. Smith is a Native of St. Catherine, Jamaica and enlisted in the United States Navy in 1989.  She migrated to Miami, Florida after completing Bog Walk High School. She attended Miami-Dade Community College and enlisted in the United States Navy to see [...]

2007, 2021

Jermaine Haughton, outstanding young attorney from Clarendon excelling in Maryland

July 20, 2021|

Jermaine “Ryan” Haughton hails from humble beginnings in Water Cress, Clarendon, where he was primarily raised by his maternal grandmother. His childhood in Jamaica was filled with love and satisfaction although he was not afforded many material trappings. He moved to the United States as [...]

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