Robert “Bob” Ritchie

Bob hails from the historical and industrial parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica. He’s blessed to have two entrepreneurial parents who taught him the skills of running successful businesses, and the understanding of the importance and value of quality customer service.

Bob had the privilege of growing up in London, England for his primary education, and shortly after returning to Jamaica earned a scholarship to attend Morant Bay High School of which he is a proud alumnus.

Shortly after graduating high school, Bob emigrated to the U.S. to pursue his tertiary education and career in radio and TV broadcasting.

After working in the broadcasting industry for several years, and traveling around the country, as the industry forces those in it to do, Bob decided to settle down, start a family and reinvent himself into a full-fledged businessman. He returned to college and earned an undergrad degree in business management, upon which he entered corporate America. He has held several positions in business management, training and development, diversity and inclusion, recruitment and retention, and at times head cook and bottle washer, as we from Jamaica would say. Not to mention the many awards he won for his accomplishments.

After years in the business, Bob became disenchanted with the business world as the culture continued to shift from caring for both workers and customers, to one of being more and more concentrated on the bottom line.

Bob decided on yet another career change—one that his passion for education led him to. So instead of pursuing an MBA, he achieved a master’s degree in education leadership which has led him to his current position of Equity and Inclusion Specialist in Education in Osseo Schools in Minnesota.

Bob is a founding member of the Morant Bay High School Alumni Association, NY chapter, and currently an active member of the Atlanta chapter. He is also a founding member of the St. Thomas Renaissance Foundation where he serves as its public relations officer.

And Bob is the happy husband to his wife Dahlia, and the proud father of his two adult daughters who both have careers in education.